RSSC科目、"Talking About Global Isuues"をご担当のH.A.Donovan先生から、2020年3月に開催予定のアメリカ自然環境ツアーのご案内です。
日時: 12月20日(金)12:30~13:20
場所: 立教大学池袋キャンパス5号館3階5307教室
Preliminary Announcement
Natural Environment Study Trip in US National Parks for RSSC students&graduates
Organized by Herbert Donovan <>
I am hoping to offer this program this coming spring:
・Period : From March 11th to 21st, 2020
・Purpose : Study of the Natural Environment,
Winter Ecology, American culture, and English
・Place : Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park Hosted by the Teton Science School
・Expense : maximum 500,000 yen
If you have interest in participating this tour, please notice me by my e-mail address as soon as you can
Highlights of the trip:
—Wildlife watching tour by vans and visit to the Visitor center of Grand Teton National Park.
—Visit to National Museum of Wildlife Art (very good art and nature museum)
—Horse drawn Sleigh ride and study of Elk herd program in National Elk Refuge.
—Visit to the Murie Ranch and the Teton Science School Kelly Campus museum (The Muries were the founders of the Wilderness Society and of Teton Science School)
—Dogsledding trip to Granite hotsprings (This is a chance to ride Alaskan-style dog sleds and also take a hot spring bath)
—Snow coach trip to Old Faithful and Geyser viewing in Yellowstone National Park
—Snowshoe hike and Cross-Country skiing (one or two half days)